Monday, February 28, 2011


On Sunday, Feb 20th, eleven girls from the Likoni Scholarship Fund joined Gabrielle in Hatua’s office to receive clothing donations.

Photo credits: Todd Shapera

Alice Winkler together with Ariel-Alpha International, a US based sleepwear and lingerie company, donated underwear, bras and sleepwear for our female scholarship students, all of which was carried to us from the US by Todd Shapera. Erika Bonnevie, Hatua Likoni’s Community Research Coordinator, donated shirts, skirts, pants and sweaters for our girls. Erika is also working hard to complete Hatua’s Baseline Study Report of Likoni’s Development Needs. This study is the first in-depth analysis of living standards conducted in Likoni.

Photo credits: Todd Shapera

Our students were thrilled to have new and beautiful cloths to wear, including items that would otherwise be unattainable luxuries!

From our LSF girls and the Hatua family to Alice, Todd and Erika, ahsanteni sana!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Todd Shapera, a professional photographer from New York, joined Hatua for two weeks in February to document our work in Likoni. Previously a print and radio journalist, Todd began his career as a photographer 15 years ago after having his early work published in the New York Times. His mainstay is event and portrait photography but Todd also makes time for his passion, photojournalism, which he calls his passport to the world and his way of giving back. Through photojournalism Todd has traveled to 38 countries on 5 continents and photographed for dozens of philanthropic efforts, including Ashoka, The Ford Foundation, The Bill Clinton Global Initiative and Rockefeller Foundation.

Todd Shapera

Todd's aim as he travels through the developing world is to capture the humanity, inner beauty and dignity of his subjects and their diverse ways of life. When working together with charitable organizations, he has donated his photography to help raise awareness for important causes, such as the impact of the Tsumani in Sri Lanka.

Photo credit: Todd Shapera
One of our students at home with his family

In Likoni, Todd photographed various aspects of Hatua’s efforts, including our staff at work, our primary and secondary students in school, students with their parents at home, and vendors, mechanics, and other small business operators in Likoni, some of whom are parents of our scholarship students.

Photo credit: Todd Shapera
Gabi and Kwame with two of our students at their home

Photo credit: Todd Shapera
A welder at work in Likoni

Todd also led two photography workshops for our scholarship students, over thirty of whom participated in each session, and among whom only one had ever used a camera before. Thanks to those of you who generously donated your cameras to Hatua Likoni our students have been able to practice the techniques Todd taught them. Every week students borrow these cameras to capture scenes from their lives, from which we are creating a portfolio of their best work.

Todd during a workshop with our students

Photo credit: Todd Shapera
Students taking photos

We thank Todd for coming to Kenya to share his skills with our students and create captivating images of Hatua’s work.

To view more of Todd's work, click here.