Monday, April 29, 2013

Hatua Scholarship Fund Students visit Sea Submarine Communications Ltd (SEACOM) in Mombasa.

Last week Hatua students who are interested in Information Communications Technology(ICT) visited the SEACOM company in Mombasa. They got an opportunity to learn about how African Internet works and how hard work pays. An assistant at the site explained to them how long it took to put up the internet cables, and the different ways they can be put up. It was especially interesting to hear that they put the cables through water!

SEACOM is a privately owned and operated pan-African ICT enabler that is driving the development of the African internet. SEACOM's vision has been built on the backbone of open-access and equitable principles.

SEACOM financed and developed the first broadband submarine cable system along the eastern and southern African coastlines, bringing with it a vast supply of high quality and affordable internet. Live since July 2009, SEACOM has seen more than a 10 fold increase in bandwidth penetration in several of Africa's most underserved nations.

SEACOM leverages its bundled backhaul, open access points of presence and global partnerships to provide high quality, cost-effective, end-to-end connectivity around the world. SEACOM also provides these services to land-locked countries in southern and eastern Africa.

Students were told the background of SEACOM and what the company has achieved and still hopes to achieve in Africa and beyond.

That is not all that Hatua students learned on that day, as they got an opportunity to talk face to face with Mombasa Senator Mr.Hassan Omar, who was also visiting the SEACOM company. The Senator took photos with the students outside SEACOM. The students asked the Senator many questions and he took time to answer them all.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Professional Career Guidance

Hatua's high school students receive more than a scholarship. They are given opportunities to meet professionals from different careers and learn about the various career paths they can pursue.

During the April holiday, Hatua's mentoring and career guidance coordinator, Winnie Muthina, invited professionals to talk with students, including Mr.Benjamin Muli, a land surveyor, Mr.Leornard Msalame, an accountant, Mr.Barua Mshenga, an NGO program coordinator, Mr. Moris Kawinzi, a sociologist, and Md. Dora Denis, a school principal.

These professionals volunteered their time to share their experiences with our students. They each explained how they choose their career, the steps they took to get where they are today, the ups and downs of their day to day responsibilities, and the qualifications required for someone interested in entering the field.

These talks were particularly helpful for form two students (sophomores) who are choosing the courses they will specialize in during the second half of high school, and which will then determine which courses they are eligible for in university. The talks were also very helpful for form four students (seniors) as they prepare to select the courses they wish to pursue in university.

We thank all those who joined us to share their experience with our students and we welcome other professionals to visit us on Sunday afternoon or during a school holiday to do the same. To join us as a guest mentor please contact

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A letter to Hatua Likoni & LCFL

“You all are SO wonderful…I’m grateful for the opportunity to come see the important and meaningful work happening here. Likoni is certainly lucky to have you.

My stay was short, but I’ve been able to learn valuable skills from hearing your ideas and watching you each in your fitting roles. I especially love the time you take to greet one another, the way you value humor in the workplace, the dedication each of you has to your work, and the humble way you give generously.

Seeing how much you all seem to mean to one another and watching interactions between you and the students & families has emphasized the importance of RELATIONSHIPS in the work we do. I hope we will stay in touch. I wish each of you all the best…may you be successful, satisfied, and safe.

I leave with you a bookmark I made using the paintings done by my 3-year old class in Vermont – they graciously shared their work with me, as did Hatua Likoni – thank you for welcoming me and taking care of me during my lovely stay in Kenya. Much love and respect.”

By Jill Kirschner (Hatua Likoni Volunteer)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Likoni Civic Education Network--Training of Trainers about Devolution Government.

On Saturday, Likoni Civic Education Network had a meeting with local elected leaders, except the Mombasa Member of Parliament and Women’s Representative who sent their apologies.

The meeting’s agenda was to create a calendar of activities that are to take place in Likoni, one of which being the “Training of Trainers.” This training took place on Monday 8th 04 2013. Students were trained on issues to do with devolution government and community participation in development. The trained students will go to community where they will hold five ward forums in Likoni, Mtogwe, Bofu, Shika Adabu and Tibwani.

The forums will consist of 200 leaders such as religious leaders, chiefs, youth leaders and women leaders. Apart from devolution issues, the people of the ward will be given an opportunity to present the most pressing development issues within their region. This will be also extended to village whereby they will have 36 village forums with 50 participants.

“I feel that the Community has not been involved in development patterns within the county but with devolution government and what we are doing, the people of Likoni Community will be able to communicate their needs directly,” Said Peter Kwame, Hatua Likoni Program Coordinator.

“Hatua Likoni will gather all this information, combine it into one document , and give it to ward representatives to present it at the County Assembly. By doing so, we hope that Likoni will grow just like other districts in Kenya.”

Hatua Likoni looks forward to achieving this if  they receive funding for the project.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Likoni Community Participation in County Development Planning.

Hatua Likoni in partnership with the Likoni Civic Education Network seeks to gather public opinion in Likoni and create a development proposal that will guide the advocacy efforts of Likoni’s representatives in the county assembly.

“As we shift our focus to the new system of devolved government we anticipate new challenges. Likoni is isolated by the ferry and therefore easy to neglect. It also had low voter registration and voter turnout rates making it less politically significant than other parts of Mombasa. To ensure Likoni resident’s development agendas are given attention we believe we must work to gather public views and compile a proposal which our newly elected county assembly representatives can use to advocate on our community’s behalf.” Said Gabrielle Fondiller, Hatua Likoni’s Director.

The Likoni Civic Education Network hosts a stakeholders meeting on Thur. March 21st at 9am. They invited 120 community leaders and politicians from around Likoni and the following three issues were discussed;

The importance of putting politics behind the Community and coming together to focus on development, The need for public participation as the new government selects those who will be appointed as Likoni’s local representatives under the new constitution, including the sub county administrator and ward forum representatives and Initial planning for village forums to collect views on development needs throughout Likoni.

The Likoni Civic Education Network asked for support from the Community Leaders in their efforts to gather public opinion in Likoni and create the development proposal. The plan will include a prioritized list of infrastructure and services needed in Likoni Community which the people wish to see addressed by the county government.

The Likoni Civic Education Network seeks to compile this plan in close collaboration with Likoni’s 5 newly elected county assembly members and Likoni’s 72 Village Elders. With help from community stakeholders they aim to assist each Village Elder to host a public discussion forum, then record and analyze the development priorities expressed within each forum and compile a detailed and prioritized development plan to be submitted to the county government through our representatives. There after , they will conduct public education to inform Likoni residents of the plan’s contents and encourage the community to act as watch dogs to monitor its implementation.

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Likoni Youth Agenda visits Roland House Noor Orphanage Centre

Likoni Youth Agenda and Smiling Face Foundation visited Roland House Noor Orphanage Centre on 23rd March 2013. Smiling Face Foundation is a group of Youth who came together with the goal of visiting orphanages’ in Likoni and putting a smile on the faces of orphans. When they visit orphanages they bring items to donate, such as biscuits, juice, sanitary pads, among others.

On Saturday, Smiling Face Foundation together with Likoni Youth Agenda visited Roland House Noor Orphanage Centre in Likoni. For the children, they brought juice, biscuits, cakes, sweets and sanitary pads for the girls.

The children of the orphanage expressed their joy and thankfulness by entertaining guests with songs, tongue twisters and dances. All the members of the organizations mingled and socialized with the children.

“Every time we manage to put a smile on children, we feel happy and know we have made them feel loved and appreciated in our society.” Said David Mutunga, Smiling Face Foundation speaker.

“Hopefully, this event will lead to many more visits to Orphanages in Likoni, as the smiles of the children were really encouraging,” said Likoni Youth Agenda chairman, Festus Saidi.

Writen By David Mutunga,
A Hatua Scholarship beneficiary.

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