Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Going To America - Jimmy Irenge.

Jimmy Irenge a form 2 student at Likoni Secondary school and an LSF recipient has been selected to be among 18 Kenyan secondary school students to participate in the American Field Service (ASF) exchange Program.
"AFS provides intercultural learning experiences that bring global cultures together by helping people connect, transforming the lives of thousands of students, families, and individuals every year. With exchange programs in more than 50 countries and a large network of volunteers, educators, and staff, AFS is committed to helping participants understand their immersion experiences in a foreign culture."http://www.afs.org/afs-and-exchange-programs/
The selected students get to travel to the united states of America where for a year, they get to experience a different culture and also expose other students like themselves to our culture. To be considered, Jimmy made a PowerPoint presentation on the Kenyan flag detailing the symbolism and significance of the different elements that constitute the majestic banner of Kenya.
He is currently working on getting his travel documents in order and is very excited and eager to Linkthe an ambassador of Hatua Likoni as well as Kenya.