Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Likoni Youth Agenda Throws Awareness Raising Talent Show

This past Saturday, July 14, 2012, the students from the Likoni Youth Agenda put on a talent show at Likoni’s YWCA.

The goal of the talent show was to teach Likoni’s youth about why it’s important for them to vote and how the voting process works. So, the talent show was meant to spread their message in a fun and involved way.  Those who chose to perform could choose from three categories – poetry, music or dance, all with the theme of civic education.

The majority of people who attended were 18 and over, and in possession of ID’s, however only 3 of those students claimed they had voted. This pinpointed the exact issue that the Likoni Youth Agenda wanted to get across to their fellow youths – that everyone needs to be an active and informed citizen, especially younger generations.

The students who make up the Likoni Youth Agenda originally came together after the Civic Education Forum took place in May, and this was their first big event. While other groups like the Likoni Civic Education Network are focusing on educating Likoni’s community, the Likoni Youth Agenda focuses on Likoni’s youth, and teaching them about the importance of voting and voting literacy.

The entire event was managed and organized by the students themselves, and they even fundraised more than half of the budget. They advertised in their schools and throughout the LIkoni community and they got more than 600 youths to attend!

Hatua Likoni is very proud of their achievement and cannot wait to see what strides they make in the future.

Be sure to check out more photos of the event on our facebook page the Likoni Youth Agenda’s facebook page! (