Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mombasa County Deputy Governor, Hazel Katana visits Hatua Likoni

Deputy Governor Hazel Katana and Miss University Kenya visited Hatua Likoni Youth Empowerment Centre and Library on Sunday, June 16th, for International Day of the African Child.

Fittingly, Director Gabrielle Fondiller and Co-Director Peter Kwame used the opportunity to inform our visitors on Hatua Likoni’s mission and the substantial progress that Hatua has made in furthering that mission. She was so impressed with the program, particularly the children and the library. She registered herself as a member and borrowed books, promising to come back for more.

Hatua students were very happy with her visit. She also read story books to the young children, and advised Likoni Community Football League(LCFL) members to work hard, emphasizing that practice makes perfect. She told The Likoni Youth Agenda group to be strong and take any challenge as a stepping stone and persevere.

Coming up is The Global Party 2013 party at Florida 2000. Florida 2000 is hosting The Global Party 2013 to support Hatua Likoni give scholarships to top performing students in Likoni who can't afford education.

The invitation-only fundraising event will go from 6pm to midnight on Sat June 29th. At midnight the party is open to all. Come party with us--each drink you buy will help support Hatua Likoni!

If you'd like to join us for the fundraiser at 6pm, email to receive your invitation. If you like to come after midnight, just show up at Florida 2000. Can't wait to see you there!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HIV Outreach to 10,000 Students in 40 Schools

Hatua’s gap year students finished high school in November and will enroll in college and university later this year. During their time out of school we help our students learn new skills through community service. This year our gap year students are teaching HIV education to secondary school students throughout Mombasa are part of TOWA (Total War Against AIDS), a behavior change communication project funded by the Kenya National AIDS Control Council.

Twelve Hatua students are participating in TOWA as peer educators. They began their work in December by being trained as HIV peer educators and by creating an original play depicting the consequences of unsafe sex.

Since January our students have presented their play and conducted follow up discuss at 40 schools, reaching a total of 10,000 students.

While the goal of TOWA is to encourage behavior change among participants at the schools we visit, our students have told us that being peer educators has helped them to change their own behavior. In particular they have become confident public speakers, able to act and talk in front of a crowd of hundreds of peers. “Before joining TOWA project, I was very shy and could not talk publicly, but after visiting several schools and being one of the peer educators, I had to talk publicly and now I’m glad that I can speak confidently in front of a crowd of people” says Cynthia Kwamboka, a Hatua student.

Next year we hope to conduct a school outreach program in partnership with Save the Children teaching financial literacy skills to high school students.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Students Start Small Businesses

As Hatua's gap year students get ready for their first year of university, instead of relaxing they are keeping very busy. Their latest effort, called Hatua Enterprise, is a collect of small business projects through which our students are learning small business management skills.

So far they have made and sold beaded bracelets, liquid soap and bleach. They have also grown and sold vegetables. Next they will learn to make yogurt. Through these small business projects our students are learning how to produce profitable goods using low cost local materials. They are also learning marketing, customer service and record keeping skills. As they earn they are saving their income and reinvesting to purchase inputs for their next project.

Winnie Muthina, Hatua's Mentoring and career guidance coordinator, explained “We try to help our students know that education is a necessity for a successful business, and that with business skills they can be self reliant no matter what comes in the future.”

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Hatua Scholarship beneficiary (Peter Makau) joins University of Nairobi, School of Law


It is a nice experience joining the University of my Choice to pursue the course in which I have passion, Law. Though I was a little nervous, I was glad to undergo through the whole registration process on my own during the first day. Thanks to the academic staff members who treated us with uttermost respect and professionalism. I am now a comrade of this prestigious university. I remain optimistic that I will pursue the purpose for my admission to the best of my capability.

Cognizant of the tremendous effort Hatua Likoni has made on me up to this juncture, I take this opportunity to pass my sincere regards to the entire fraternity. I am indebted and grateful. I also recognize the opportunities I have volunteered in the organization. The skills I have acquired overtime will enable me to be a better person and also participate effectively in all spheres of my university life.

The best way to thank you is to pledge my continued success in my academic endeavors and other aspects of life. The gargantuan education investment you have undertaken within Likoni will never go unrecognized; because there will be a pool of able youths within Likoni, who shall competently fit in the global job market, come what may.

I am aware that success today does not guarantee success in the future but the option is to tread along the path of success with zeal, passion, hard work and determination. This is my pledge. Thank you.

Writen by Peter Makau,

A Hatua Scholarship Beneficiary.