Friday, August 3, 2012

Final Days for Job Application Submission

August 15 is the last day to submit applications for our open positions!

Current open positions include:
-Mentoring and Career Guidance Coordinator
-Communications Coordinator
-Resource Center Coordinator
-Volunteer Coordinator

For more information about each position, read scroll down or click here.

Be sure to get your applications in on time!

Hatua Hosts Likoni Civic Education Network Workshop

Hatua Likoni is happy to announce that the Likoni Civic Education Network is alive and well! Two weeks ago, Hatua hosted a week-long workshop for 20 organizations participating in the network. The goal of the workshop was to teach those representatives present about educating the community on the new Constitutive process, Fundamentals of Devolution, and Citizen participation.

With the upcoming presidential elections on March 4, 2013, reaching out to the Likoni community and helping them become informed citizens is the ultimate goal of this initiative. All of us with the Network are working hard towards reaching that goal, and this workshop was just one stepping stone in that process. From here, the organizations involved are equipped to go out into the community and do what they do best – inform their communities.

                               Nagib Shamsan of Kenya Land Alliance talks about 
                         Chapter 6 of the new Constitution, Land and Environment.

The workshop was lead by four facilitators: James Nga’Nga' of MCI, Muhammad Ali Chamzuzu of SUDEP, Suleiman Sultan of Peacenet Kenya, and James Gashie of Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance. Nagib Shamsan of Kenya Land Alliance also participated as a guest facilitator.

Participating organizations include:
Hatua Likoni
Active Youth
Sauti ya Likoni
Likoni N.Y.R.
Sauti ya Kinamama 
Emani Kenya

Be sure to check out more photos and information about the workshop on our Facebook page!