Monday, February 18, 2013

Hatua Likoni donates books!

Blessed is the hand that gives. We feel blessed today after donating 944 English Fiction books to four secondary schools in Likoni.

The books were distributed equally to Likoni secondary school, Mrima  secondary school, Shika Adabu and Moi forces academy.

“We cant give scholarships to all Likoni students, but there are other ways we can try to reach all students in Likoni. One way to help schools create their own libraries." said Peter Kwame, Hatua Likoni Co-founder and Programs Director.

The books were received by teachers and student representatives from each schools. As we recieve more book donations we will continue to donate books to our public schools.

Hatua Likoni encourages donors all over the world to contribute in any way to benefit education. If you are interested in donating books please contact

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hatua Likoni peace video advert 2013

Hatua Likoni and other NGOs and CBOs have made a consortium to make a peace video campaign.

The aim of this Video is to maintain peace, before, during and after 2013 elections in Kenya. The idea of the video is to communicate the importance of peace in the development of our country.

The advert consists of Familiar faces from Likoni each with a peace message. It consists of small scale business traders, local administration, religious leaders and children.

“The shooting of these video has taught me that the people of Likoni love peace.This is because despite the fact that they are from different backgrounds, have different religious and political views, they loved the idea of coming together to talk about the importance of peace.” Said Peter Kwame, Hatua Likoni Program Director.

“We didn’t pay any of them to pass the peace message because they all agreed that the peace of Likoni and the Nation as a whole is more valuable than any amount of money and greater than any individuals needs.” He added.

This video was made possible through the sponsorship of Hatua Likoni, Base titanium, Nova media, Baraka chai, KECOSCE for peace and stability, MCI for community development, Kenya Muslim Youth Alliance, Shiner pictures company limited and Genographic printers limited (indoors and outdoor printings).

“Thank you so much to all who have made this video possible, we ask the rest of the Community to maintain peace and show us that our goal was achieved, Lets all talk and promote peace wherever we are.” Said Gabrielle Fondiller, Hatua Likoni Director.

The video will be aired at the Likoni ferry to capture the attention of the entire population.

Click to Watch Hatua peace video advert on You tube.

Monday, February 11, 2013

50% increase in Hatua Scholarship Fund students

Thanks to our faithful donors, Likoni Scholarship Fund has increased by a total of 48 new students, that is 35 form 1 students, 12 in form 2,3 and 4 and 1 in University. The total number of Hatua Scholarship Fund is now 144!

Hatua staff welcomes new Hatua Scholarship Fund Students and their parents/guardians.
The students were selected basing on their need and their performance. The average marks of the students selected this year is 335. This students were selected from all public schools in Likoni.
According to the Director, Gabrielle Fondiller, this increase would not have been possible without our local and international donors. "Big up to our donors, they have sacrificed to give education to this bright and needy students." Said Gabi.

"If only all our donors could see the joy of the sponsored students, the bright future they have prepared for them, they would know the great change and significance of their contribution," she added while smiling.

The lucky students were officially welcomed to Hatua Family on 9th February 2013. The students came together with their parents/guardian who were really grateful for their children getting an opportunity to go to secondary school through Hatua Scholarship Fund.

Hatua Staff and the new Hatua Scholarship Fund beneficiaries.

"We thank God for Hatua Likoni and pray that they never luck, we are very grateful that our children will now be able to study without being chased out of school for luck of school fees, thank you Hatua Likoni" Said a parent at the meeting.

Hatua Likoni is ready to work with any person or organization that wants to sponsor a student or donate to the Scholarship Fund. We should put in mind that, the more we donate/sponsor, the more the Scholarship Fund grows.

"We believe that an educated Community makes right decisions and helps to build the country, that is why we struggle to educate our children." Said Peter Kwame, the Program Director.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let’s shun tribalism

As we draw closer to the general elections scheduled for 4th March 2013, we need to end our tribal diversities. We need to approach the elections as a united people towards a common goal; that is vision 2030.

We can’t achieve political and socio-economic supremacy when we are divided along tribal lines . Forgotten are those day as when people used to brag about how powerful or big their tribes were. It is a time for a social revolution where we Kenyans need to walk on our beautiful Country as brothers and sisters irrespective of our tribal origins.

I’m strongly convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the 2007-2008 post Election violence was as a result of deep rooted tribal enmity. Am looking forward to a Kenya where people say am a Kenyan rather than use any tribal definitions.

Once we unite, we shall never be defended and Neo colonialism shall never be a topic worth of discussion. We need to understand that coming together is the beginning, keeping together is the progress and working together is success.

All people should be informed that they should vote wisely, they should know the people they are voting for well. As we know, an informed citizen makes the right decision.

One Nation, one people, long live Kenya.

Writen by Peter Makau,
A Likoni Scholarship Fund Beneficiary.