Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hatua Visit Twaayf Children Center

Hatua's L.S.F scholarship recipient will be visiting Twaayf Children Center on 20th August 2011. Hatua's staff and the beneficiary will spend the whole day at the children center where they will help clean the facility.
This home hosts twenty two under privileged kids; and on this day participants will be cooking and get the chance to share a renowned coastal dish known as pilau.
There after the party will be taken down to the beach.
Lots of fun to be had with the children from the center.
LSF on behalf of Hatua Likoni will be donating food worth ksh 39,380.
fotos to come after the visit

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Junior Acheivers Sit down

Recently programs director Kwame Mwakio and a representative from the junior achievers office in Mombasa had a sit down in which an intense exchange of ideas took place. Lewis from JA had come in for a small workshop to speak to residents of the community about company program. Company program is a flagship of JA and Lewis first outlined it carefully for Kwame before the workshop.
Usually JA deals with high school students but company program is branching out of school to educate youth on financial literacy and get them started in the entrepreneurial and finance game.
The seminar was informative and formal as was to be expected, most of the questions and comments came from Hatua Likoni staff representatives present illustrating their tendency toward being so highly informed. One question was about how far JA would go to support a company program sponsorship recipient past the competition itself. To which Lewis assured us that JA will be there for any youth who shows sufficient zeal and seriousness in business.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Books & Computers donations

Programs Director Kwame Mwakio traveled with Juma Kassim to the capital city Nairobi to collect a book donation from AFK and a donation 10 computers from the Kenya Education Fund. This comprised of about 83 boxes, and according to Mr. Mwakio it was a hectic endeavor. The capital is more hustle and bustle than Likoni, and Kwame says he spent a couple of sleepless nights trying to get everything together to travel home. According to Kwame the little pickup was "full of boxes" filled to the brim with the communities' much sort after resources. These books and computers will go toward building the foundation of the empowerment library, more books mean more information translating into more knowledge. More computers will give the the youth and members of the community an avenue leading to the information super highway. At the end of it all, according to Kwame it was all worth the hassle!