Monday, May 27, 2013

Students have reported back to school

Finally, the schools have opened and students have gone back to school. For Hatua Scholarship students, they have not been left behind as they have also reported back.

The staff have given them advice to work hard and achieve all their dreams. Most of the students feel lucky to have earned a scholarship position in Hatua organization and have promised to work hard.

"Nothing makes me as happy as knowing that my dream of getting education has come true, this has encouraged me to work harder with the knowledge that opportunity comes once in a life time." said one of our scholarship beneficiaries, Melvin Nafula.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hatua students have fun

Every holiday Hatua students attend mentoring classes. Every Friday during this April Holiday, Hatua staff held a series of fun games for students.

This gave them a chance to enjoy and further socialize with the staff and their mentors. On the first Friday, Hatua staff competed against the students in a football match. It was a great success, as the students and staff cheered each other on.

On the second Friday, the students competed in various athletic games against each other according to their class levels. They held running competitions, and competitions to carry sticks in their mouths, among others.

The students got a chance to enjoy as well as develop their career dreams further through socializing with the staff and asking them questions about their careers.

“These children are our family. Spending time with them makes them know they are loved and appreciated and are important to the whole Hatua team,” Said Winnie Muthina, Mentoring and career guidance Coordinator.

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Hatua Farming project

This year’s rainy session has been an opportunity for Hatua Likoni to cultivate 3acres of its 4.5 acre piece of land in Kwale County that was bought last year.

On the 3 acres of land that has been cultivated we have planted maize and once the harvest is done by the end of August, we plan to sell the produce to the neighboring schools and use the profit to develop the farm. With this sessions profit we intend to install piped water to make it possible for us to farm throughout the year and increase our yield. We intend to recoup whatever profit we make back to the farm so that the farm grows itself. 

This is the first time Hatua Likoni has ventured into agribusiness and done a farming project of this magnitude. ‘We are all anticipating a good harvest’ said the Program Director, he further expressed that it is an interesting project to do as the results are short term unlike the other set goals within the organization.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Likoni Empowerment Library Shows Educational Documentaries to Children

Likoni Empowerment Library shows educational documentaries to children every other Friday. This is a new project started by Evans Omondi, our Resource Coordinator.

The aim of this project is to encourage a culture of reading for our students and the Likoni community at large. This documentaries are educational in nature, and always have a lesson to teach the students at the end. For the students that don’t like reading, they benefit through these documentaries by developing a love for coming to the library.

“We got many students when we put on this documentaries, it is amazing how kids love watching educational movies. I believe this will help our children to love coming to the library and see it as a good thing and not as a taboo or a stressful issue,” said Evans.

At the end of the documentaries, the children are given an opportunity to ask questions and at the same time exchange ideas about what each one of them has learned.

Thanks to Safaricom Foundation donation of curriculum books, library users have tripled from 3000 to 9000 during April holiday and doubled from 3000 to 6000 during school days.

At Hatua Likoni, we try to make sure that the children enjoy while they study and we do our best to instill a culture of reading in them.