Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hatua students have fun

Every holiday Hatua students attend mentoring classes. Every Friday during this April Holiday, Hatua staff held a series of fun games for students.

This gave them a chance to enjoy and further socialize with the staff and their mentors. On the first Friday, Hatua staff competed against the students in a football match. It was a great success, as the students and staff cheered each other on.

On the second Friday, the students competed in various athletic games against each other according to their class levels. They held running competitions, and competitions to carry sticks in their mouths, among others.

The students got a chance to enjoy as well as develop their career dreams further through socializing with the staff and asking them questions about their careers.

“These children are our family. Spending time with them makes them know they are loved and appreciated and are important to the whole Hatua team,” Said Winnie Muthina, Mentoring and career guidance Coordinator.

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