Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Students Start Small Businesses

As Hatua's gap year students get ready for their first year of university, instead of relaxing they are keeping very busy. Their latest effort, called Hatua Enterprise, is a collect of small business projects through which our students are learning small business management skills.

So far they have made and sold beaded bracelets, liquid soap and bleach. They have also grown and sold vegetables. Next they will learn to make yogurt. Through these small business projects our students are learning how to produce profitable goods using low cost local materials. They are also learning marketing, customer service and record keeping skills. As they earn they are saving their income and reinvesting to purchase inputs for their next project.

Winnie Muthina, Hatua's Mentoring and career guidance coordinator, explained “We try to help our students know that education is a necessity for a successful business, and that with business skills they can be self reliant no matter what comes in the future.”

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